Work Week Wardrobe: Wimbledon-Inspired White.


Celebrate a refreshed post-holiday you with an equally vibrant outfit to match. This week’s source of inspiration comes from the Wimbledon finals – where athleticism comes decked out in shades of white. Get the look by mixing classic white pieces with other neutral hues like gray, black, navy, or nude. My personal favorite? Gray stripes, as pictured in the skirt above. The feminine-meets-polished look is the perfect way to usher yourself into a productive week ahead.

Get the look:

xx C&L

5 thoughts on “Work Week Wardrobe: Wimbledon-Inspired White.

  1. Excellent! Fresh ides, great recipes for some of my favorite flavors that go well with coffee. The sense of style is classy with a modern edgy flair.
    Very hip, nicely thought out. I’ll be back for sure.

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